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Robert Tavener

Robert Tavener
Evening Downscape by Robert Taverner

Robert Tavener was born in Hampstead, London in 1920. He was keen on art from a young boy, always drawing in chalk on the pavements.
On leaving school he initially went into office work until in 1940, when aged 20, he joined the Royal Artillery. Robert Tavener completed 6 years war service and was part of the D Day landings at Arromanches, Normandy. Soon after beginning his Military Service in 1941 he took unauthorised absence to head back to London to marry Catherine Skardon, a local girl from Hampstead.
Robert Tavener lived in the same house in Eastbourne for 50 years with his wife, Catherine, where they bought up their daughter, Mary. The house, an old coach house, was at the foot of the Downs, which he said provided him with enough subject matter to last him indefinitely. After Robert Tavener retired from Eastbourne College of Art and Design he continued to produce his work until the printing press became too heavy for him to use. He also did some teaching on residential art courses. After his wife died in 1998 he became increasingly ill, having suffered for many years with a rare circulatory illness. He died in July 2004 at the age of 84, having worked as a printmaker for over 50 years.

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