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Denise Hoyle

Denise Hoyle
Skippy Pansies by Denise Hoyle

Denise Hoyle grew up in Paris and at the age of fourteen she began work as an errand girl for a milliner couturier in Paris.

In 1954 aged just nineteen, Denise who was keen to travel and learn English, took a job to work as an au pair in London.

It was through her new employers that a few weeks after arriving in London, Denise travelled up to the village of Great Bardfield, Essex in the summer of 1954 to see the first exhibition of Great Bardfield Artists, where artists such as Edward Bawden and Michael Rothenstein were exhibiting art in their own homes. It was here that Denise met the artist Walter Hoyle and the following year they were married.

Denise and Walter made their home in Essex and it was from home, working at the kitchen table, that Denise began to make imaginative and beautiful collages. Denise continued to make collages over several years, later making more detailed work as illustrations for books for her two children. Her natural creativity also extended to pottery and painting.

Biography courtesy of the Emma Mason website.

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